About 3.5 years ago my wife and I found ourselves in a precarious situation.  With a 1 year old and a baby on the way, and living in Atlanta my startup had officially pivoted and with that I was on the hunt for a job.   Unfortunately what I do for a living has a limited opportunities outside of NY, Chicago and San Fran.  So we made the decision to move back to the Chicagoland.


My wife wasn’t thrilled to leave the warmth of Atlanta but she understood.  She had a few requirements but one specifically was she wanted to live in a subdivision.   We had lived in the city for 7 years before moving to Atlanta and had limited understanding of the suburbs, but I did  have ConAgra as a client for many years and the people who worked there loved Naperville, so with that we decided on Naperville.

Naperville has so much to offer
Naperville has so much to offer

After a few trips we made the decision that we wanted to be in Century Farms.  Beautiful ponds, proximity to downtown Naperville, Metra and the highway were all big factors.  Plus my wife can go to Target at least once a day.  We planned a trip to decide on which house, at the time only 2 were for sale, to make an offer on.   Shortly before we were to leave 1 of the homes sold, so we bought our house sight unseen by myself.  My wife had seen it once.   What were we doing?   Were we crazy?


After moving into the home 8 days later we welcomed our youngest.   I will never forget a neighbor knocking on our door and introducing themselves and then asking if we just had a baby as we had a “Welcome Home” sign in the yard.   Her response was “You’re Crazy!”

Post Halloween Get Together before the Kids Crash
Post Halloween Get Together before the Kids Crash

Fast forward 3 years and we’ve developed friendships, our kids love to run to the neighbors when they see them outside, and we spend a ridiculous amount of time at Century Farms park.  We bought our house in the cold of winter and had no idea what we are in for.   Everyone has been welcoming and I’m looking for more reasons for us to get together as a subdivision, one of the reasons I joined the board.   I look forward to seeing the friendships develop in the neighborhood with our kids and with our home owners.  I’ve met many but I know we have many more that I look forward to meeting.


So Yeah, we are a little crazy, but wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kids Enjoying the Open Areas of Century Farms
Kids Enjoying the Open Areas of Century Farms

Posting this for Lourdes:

Wishing our Century Farm Families the best for 2016!

Just a reminder, the CFNA yahoo chat group is now  closed. We are now communicating via Nextdoor which is a wonderful website internally as well as for communications with other subdivisions. Don't miss out on happenings, referrals and updates by contacting the CFNA Board to get registered (it should take a few minutes)

The approved minutes from the August  2015  CFNA Board meeting have now been posted on the CFNA Wiki. As a reminder, the wiki is for Century Farms residents only. Contact  Tim Yao or the CFNA Board if you don't have the login/password.

The next Board Meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 31st at 7 pm. More information will be mailed to each household.

clean up photo 3-2015 clean up phote 5- 2015 clean up photo 1- 2015 clean up photo 4 clean up photo 6- 2015 clean up phote 2- 2015

Nothing could stop our wonderful neighbors from participating at the Annual Community clean-up even though it was cold, wet and muddy.
Thank you to Jennifer and Jeanette Ray, Kyle, Sabrina and Mitch Friedman, Corey Huang, Rohan Yelemanchili and Board member Ghanshyam Agarwal--
We appreciate your hard work in keeping Century Farms clean and beautiful.
Our sincere thanks also goes out to those who regularly clean the common areas and keep our subdivision top-notch specially to Chief Sean Flaherty who volunteers countless hours in maintaining the Natural areas year round.
Need Community Service hours? The common areas, like the Pond perimeter and Savannah, could always use some cleaning up. Contact the Board at [email protected] for volunteer opportunities.