About Century Farms

Century Farms is a 253-home subdivision of Naperville, Illinois that features three beautiful ponds, a city park (with a merry-go-round), close proximity to District 203 schools, convenient access to I-88, friendly neighbors, and beautiful natural areas.

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About Century Farms Neighborhood Association

The Century Farms Neighborhood Association (CFNA) represents the concerns of the residents of the Century Farms subdivision in Naperville, Illinois. There is a charter that governs its membership and actions. The CFNA Board, comprised of elected CFNA members, upholds the charter and declarations, manages the relationship with the property management company and oversees the operations of the CFNA. Property management of Century Farms is handled by:

Contact Dawn Schwartz – CMCA

AMG, (815) 744-6822 (office); (815) 744-6872 (fax).

Office hours: M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Century Farms History

Century Farms gets its name from the Erb Farm, which was located on the property for, presumably, a century.

If you have any information to contribute regarding the history of Century Farms, please send an email to the webmaster

Maps of Century Farms


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